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The Call for Proposals is closed.

The enterPy 2021 will take place as an online conference with three dates: 9 March, 15 April und 6 May 2021.

The conference will provide up-to-date and practical knowledge on developing enterprise applications with python for software developers, data scientists and team leaders. It is hosted by heise Developer, an online channel for software development, dpunkt.verlag, publisher of computer reference books, and iX, the print magazine for IT professionals.

Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Python for Data Science and Machine Learning

The hosts of the conference invite experts in the field of enterprise applications, data science, data analytics, machine learning, web programming and high performance computing to submit presentations and full-day tutorials by January 18, 2021.

We are looking for talks covering different areas of the python ecosystem:

Python Basics and Deep Dives
  • Python 3.x (status quo and outlook)
  • Code Quality (Testing, Refactoring etc.)
  • EOL Python 2.x (Migration)
  • IDEs: PyCharm, Anaconda...
  • Integration of other languages (CPython, Jython, ProcessBuilder etc.)
  • Python for C/C++/Java Developers
  • Python for Data Scientists
Machine Learning / Data Science
  • ML-Apps for Data Analytics (Jupyter, IPython, Streamlit etc.)
  • Machine/Deep Learning scaling with special libraries (MKL-DNN, DAAL, MLSL etc.)
  • Cloud Integration and Services
  • ML Engineering: robust, high available and scalable Infrastructure
  • APIs for resource-intensive ML Models (CPU, GPU, Memory...)
  • Computing faster (NumPy, SciPy etc.)
  • Artificial neural networks and DNN (TensorFlow, PyTorch etc.)
  • Data Extraction/Ingestion and ETL
  • Tooling and (Test)Automation
  • Package and Dependencies Management
  • Serverless Functions (AWS Lambda, Google Functions etc.)
  • Infrastructure and Cloud (Docker, Container, Kubernetes etc.)
Web Programming
  • Tools and Frameworks (Django, Flask, Plone etc.)
  • WebAssembly: Python in the Browser (Pyodide, emscripten, PypyJS, RustPython etc.)
  • Python vs. PHP (Syntax, Frameworks, Package Management, APIs, Tools, Lambdas etc.)
Additional Topics
  • HPC: parallel computing and optimization (Nvidia TensorRT/Intel OpenVino etc.)
  • Multi Processing, Threads, Futures and async I/O
  • Embedded and IIoT: MicroPython
  • Home Automation and IoT

Talks and Workshops Talks and Workshops

Presentation should not be longer than 45 minutes. Workshops have been scheduled for full days (6 to 7 hours). Please send us an abstract of your proposed presentation which is geared to your target group (400-700 characters). Supplementary materials (long abstracts, slides, proposals, etc.) are welcome, too.

The deadline for submissions is January 18, 2021.

Speakers have free access to the conference and the conference videos. Workshop trainers receive additional financial remuneration.

If you have any questions regarding the Call for Proposal or the conference in general please contact us via info@enterpy.de.