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Using Chaos Toolkit to Determine Resiliency for Your Web App

The objective of this talk is to help developers working on Python-based web apps to learn about how they can use a simple toolkit to carry out such chaos experiments.
The Chaos toolkit (https://chaostoolkit.org/) helps Python developers to customize their experiments as per their project requirements.

This can be further automated leveraging CI/CD and Cloud technologies to be able to maintain resiliency in production apps.


  • Basic concepts of chaos engineering


  • Understanding important concepts of chaos engineering
  • Learn what is meant by steady state hypothesis and create experiments for your Python-based web app
  • Automating the process through CI/CD



Karan Balkar
Karan Balkar is a mobile application developer primarily working on Android for the past 5 years. He has also worked on augmented reality / virtual reality based mobile applications and is passionate about exploring new innovative technologies.


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