Dependency Management in Python

Managing dependencies in a project is usually an underrated topic. Let's take a deeper look at what it is, why it is important, and which tools we can use for different needs.

In this walk, we will go through a special case that I experienced in my current company. We will talk about pip, pipenv, poetry and pdm. Their pros and cons and what kind of projects need which aspects of those mentioned tools.


  • Knowing what "dependency" means in a software project is recommended. Everything else will be explained during the talk


  • By the end of the presentation, you should learn why dependency management is important
  • You should also have a general idea about your options when it comes to choosing a tool that suits your project best



Öykü Gümüş
Öykü Gümüş is a backend developer. She also helps communities like PyLadies and DjangoGirls, and conferences like PyConDE and DjangoConEU to spread the enthusiasm for coding.


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